Hintertux Training Camp

For Alpine Ski Racers; Ages 12 to 18

Don't Just Ski. TRAIN.

With DJSR Race Coach Jonathan David

November 17 - 25th, 2023

In the hope that more of you can join us in Austria this November, we have amended our original plan. The fall trip will be one week, 6 days on snow, in Hintertux, Austria. This joint Alpine and Freeski camp will be November 17- November 25. Our thought is that this is in better alignment with school break, Less expensive and will not require as many days away from school for those athletes that are not part of our full time Academy. For those of you that haven’t been to Hintertux before, in addition to the amazing experience of traveling abroad to utilize all that Hintertux has to offer, Hintertux has several advantages over other popular camp destinations like Mammoth, Canada or Colorado including:
Mid-Winter snow conditions.
Two training sessions per day, a morning and afternoon session.
Teams training at Copper only get a 2 hour lane, usually the rest of the ski areas in CO are not open for freeskiing. However, in Hintertux there is ample terrain for free-skiing, which is one of the reasons the Austrian and Croatian national alpine teams choose to train at Hintertux. For our Alpine team, we will have lots of time on snow to get the rust out, get back on our skis and have some fun doing skills and drills, and balance that with some gates, all while promoting good times and fun at altitude. On our last trip, the Croatian National Team was assigned lane 1, we were assigned lane 2, and the Austrian B team had lane 3.
The terrain park, called “BETTERPARK” is one of the best in the world. It opens Oct 6th and is typically in great shape by late November.
FYI Hintertux has been receiving early winter snowfall, even as early as this Thursday! Please use these links below to keep up on everything Hintertux !
The Hintertuxerhof hotel is the perfect team hotel, located at the base lift of the glacier, the food is great, rooms are spacious and done up in the Austrian traditional euro style.
  • Our athletes can typically choose from both traditional “Austrian” food or more familiar euro/american choices. Our athletes will eat breakfast and dinner at the hotel, with lunch being served on the Hintertux glacier.
  • Video will be shown on both the training hill and in the late afternoons or evenings with the coaches and sent to your phone daily as well. (cell service permitting) Dryland will be held near to our hotel or consisting of small mountain nature hikes in the Austrian alps adjacent to our Hotel.
  • Friday, November 17th pm. Depart USA: We typically have two groups, depending on where coaches and athletes live, leaving from Newark and Boston. Return November 25th. 6 days on Snow
  • Vermont Academy at Mount Snow’s Matterhorn campus opens Nov 26th, First day of classes Nov 27th, That’s a little tight for some of us but it’s well worth it.
  • The cost of the trip is $2995, airfare is not included.
Please sign up at this link today!
  • Please feel free to contact our coaches if you have any questions.
  • Jonathan David (JD) jdavid@mountsnowacademy.org 860-416-9031
  • Peter Stokloza, pstokloza@mountsnowacademy.org
  • Mark, “Speedy” Archer, Speedy@mountsnowacademy.org