DJSR Ski Coaches

Experienced Alpine Race Coaches

DJSR Alpine Race Coaches

We strive to deliver a unique training experience for our racers.  All of our race coaches are experienced and/or certified USSA and PSIA ski coaches. Our Athlete to Coach ratio at our recent 2022 summer camp was an impressive 4:1. Our coaches bring knowledge and skills from the NJISRA, NJSRA and VARA. Every program is run with different coaches making it interesting and special for all of our athletes.

DJSR ALpine Race Coaches
Pictured above from left to right: Brendan Hickey, Kyle Markovich, Roy Scovill, Rodney Calafati, Carole Scovill, Robert Lincoln, Katherine (KC) Lister, Jim Backman, Claudia Calafati & Brenhan Muhs

Rodney Calafati (Sparta HS / Stratton SWSC), Jim Backman (Pingry HS / Stratton SWSC), David Martin (Stratton SWSC), Robert Lincoln (Mount Peter Racing), Brendan Hickey (Stratton SWSC), Jonathan David (Mount Snow MSA), Roy Scovill (Wayne Hills HS), KC Lister (Bernards HS), Boris Kaushansky (Mountain Creek Racing), Kyle Markovich (Sparta HS), Carole Scovill (USSA Masters), Christine Larsen (Pingry HS), Patricia Backman (USSA), Johnny Walker (Green Mountain Valley GMVS), Claudia Calafati (UVM ASRC), Riley Wolfinger (UVM ASRC), Brendan Muhs (Keene State) & Serena Calafati (Sparta HS).

Rodney Calafati (Sparta HS / SWSC), Jim Backman (Pingry HS / SWSC), Roy Scovill (Wayne Hills HS), KC Lister (Bernards HS), Kyle Markovich (Sparta HS), Robert Lincoln (Mt Peter Racing), Brendan Hickey (SWSC), Carole Scovill (USSA), Claudia Calafati (UVM ASRC) & Brendan Muhs (Keene State).

NOTE: Coaches vary at each camp and are subject to change.

Coaches Photo Gallery

Race Coaches: Robert Lincoln & Rodney Calafati Coaching Roy leading morning race tucks Alpine Summer Camp Race Coaches 2022 Coach KC at the Starting Gate Coach Roy Scovill Coach Rod Coach Brendan with the almighty drill skills Coaches: Roy Scovill, Kyle Markovich, Jim Backman, Brendan Hickey & Brendan Muhs Coach Carole Coach Claudia Coach Brendan Hickey doing course maintenance Coach Rod Coach KC Lister Course Setting Coaches Meeting Coaches Kyle and the Brendans Coaches at Farewell Ceremony Course Setting Time Coach Rod riding lift with racers Coach Roy Coach Roy doing the Schlopy Jim Backman, Brendan Hickey, Rob Lincoln & Brendan Muhs Coaches KC and Kyle Coach Brendan H. and KC Coach Carole demonstrating hands on knees Coach Roy and team Rossignol Coach Claudia and team Atomic Coach Brendan Hickey keeping it clean Coach Rodney, Jim & Robert Coach Carole and team Fischer Coach Rod Closing Ceremony Course Setting Coach Rod Coach KC and Team Head